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corruption definition of corruption by merriam webster - there are rumors of widespread corruption in the city government the mafia s corruption of public officials corruption of the english language computer software that is supposed to prevent the corruption of files the corruption of a text, corruption define corruption at dictionary com - the stench of corruption is settling over world soccer like a poisonous fog and players are paying the price, transparency international what is corruption - transparency international is the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption, corruption definition of corruption by the free dictionary - from a tradition that the weapon with which the norwegian champion was slain resembled a pear or as others say that the trough or boat in which the soldier floated under the bridge to strike the blow had such a shape the country people usually begin a great market which is held at stamford with an entertainment called the pear pie feast which after all may be a corruption of the spear, what is corruption corruptie - major corruption comes close whenever major events involving large sums of money multiple players or huge quantities of products think of food and pharmaceuticals often in disaster situations are at stake, corruption synonyms corruption antonyms thesaurus com - the name is a spanish corruption ofashiwi their own name for themselves and am i to be hurried along by this stream of corruption to infamy and oblivion, corruption stanford encyclopedia of philosophy - 1 varieties of corruption consider one of the most popular of the standard longstanding definitions namely corruption is the abuse of power by a public official for private gain